Creating Effective Scientific Posters

General Information

Target audience: Doctoral and Ph. D. students at the Faculty of Medicine
Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge in MS PowerPoint
Instructor: Jan Griewatz, M. A.; and others
No. of participants: Max. 12
Requirements: Active participation, design and revision of a poster.

Contents/Aims and Objectives

Posters are an important medium to present your research from an early point in your research career
onwards and thereby make new contacts in the scientific community. In order to provide quick information and induce the reader to study your poster in detail (and maybe enter into discussion with you), certain rules have to be followed. This course will provide basic rules for poster design and visualization of data, and tools for professional technical realization of your ideas for poster composition. The effective presentation of the final product will also be discussed in detail.


Practical exercises (PC), discussions, presentations, trainer and group feedback.