Effective Presentations

General Information

Target group:
Students of medicine, dentistry, molecular medicine and medicine-related courses of study

Pre-requisite: none
Facilitator: Jan Griewatz, M. A.; and others
No. of participants: Max.: 8

Preparation of a presentation, active participation and revision of your presentation.

Contents / Aims and Objectives

Oral Presentations play an important role in the scientific community and in clinical practice. Whether your task is to present your scientific findings to an academic (or non-academic) audience, to present a case to supervisors or collegues or to argue convincingly in a scientific discussion: the way in which you communicate your theses and ideas always makes a decisive difference. In this course, we will look at the different aspects which can turn a presentation into a success, and we will practice these aspects in detail.


Presentations with video recording, individual feedback, group feedback, practical exercises and discussion.