Courses for student tutors in medicine

Prior to the start of each semester, teaching-trainings for tutors take place at the Competence Center of Medical Teaching (Address: Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 10). Both, the didactical training as well as the professional training constitute the necessary qualifications of tutors in Tübingen. Registrations are possible until January 15th (summer term) / July 15th (winter term).

The work of a tutor is a qualified and demanding one. The training aims to support you to implement teaching duties successfully and in complete satisfaction for everyone. The program gives the opportunity to train how to handle with (learning-) groups and also to experiment with methods of student-oriented teaching. Interdisciplinary competences, which can be useful in line with personality development and other fields, will be developed.

Course principle
To ensure a sustainably and preferably large pool of experiences of the course, it is a great advantage to be integrated actively into numerous practical exercises within the course. At times you will receive input and guidance of the trainers but following you will be put to work. To ensure a sufficient amount of training for each and everyone it is possible that the group will be divided in to smaller groups for parts of the program, if needed. Important: This intensive training is only useful if you complete the whole course (15 training units) due to this, absenteeism is not possible!

Please note: Several preparatory tasks!
Everyone of you is expected to be prepared for certain aspects of the program. These prepared parts will be presented during the course either in the plenum, in small groups or in partner work. You will receive access to the tasks (preparation time ca. 1.5h) in a timely manner before the course.