MQ II Compact Course

General information

The various compact courses are aimed at teachers who - building on the Medical Didactics Qualification I - further develop their teaching skills and at the end of their two-stage qualification receive the ministerial Baden-Württemberg Certificate in Medical Didactics.

It is urgently recommended that teachers further deepen their teaching skills as required after their MQ I - Basic Training (minimum requirement).

The format of the one-week compact courses is preferred by the vast majority of teachers.  However, it is also possible to attend individual courses. In this case, we strongly recommend prior individual consultation with the Tübingen Centre of Excellence.


The individual MQ II Compact Course is conducted in the form of a block course with a one-week attendance phase. Thematic emphasis is placed on different key competencies. The respective focus of the MQ II Compact Courses varies (see detailed information). Depending on the type of course, an MQ II Compact Course comprises units from the following subject areas, for examp

Optional achievements/subjects

The presence phase of the course is followed by a self-organized project or practical phase (in supervised individual work, maximum 2 consultation rounds). The scope of the project or practical phase varies according to the course type and offers the usual options for the MQ II courses:

  • Design of the teaching portfolio (e.g. as a reflective status determination or as part of the application documents)
  • Teaching project draft: New conception of a course or other project to improve teaching
  • Elaborated teaching presentations, peer observations, etc. (guidelines on the services can be requested under medizindidaktik(at)

Target group:  for teachers of the medical faculties, such as human / dentistry, health sciences and other medical-related courses

Requirements: Medical Education Qualification I (MQ I)

Degree: Medical Education Qualification II (MQ II)

Location: Kompetenzzentrum für Hochschuldidaktik in Medizin, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 10, 72076 Tübingen

Maximum number of participants: 16 participants (minimum 8)

Duration of the presence course: 5 days

Points/UE: 80 lessons of 45 min (60 lessons presence phase incl. preparation + max. 20 lessons practical phase)

To bring: Your own notebook

Methodical approach: Short keynote speeches, practical exercises and simulations, intensive work on the participants' topics with feedback and evaluation, discussion and exchange of experience.