Students Courses: Key qualification courses

Key qualifications - what is it

  • Interdisciplinary qualifications that enable you to act in your academic studies and later in your everyday work.
  • No expertise, but:
  • Key qualifications offer you to learn and deal effectively the acquisition and the competent handling with specialist knowledge.

Key qualifications - what does it include?

  • Practical and communication competencies
  • Social competencies
  • Personality and self-competence

Target groups

  • Students and doctoral students in medicine and dentistry
  • Students of the B.A./M.A.
  • Students and doctoral students from other faculties, only if there are any course places left

Our course principle

  • Short keynote speeches and practical work on examples from the course participants
  • Precise/Specific responses to individual questions and concerns
  • Reflection and feedback processes as central/main elements
  • Peer learning and learning from each other