Programmes for students: Key qualifications

Study effectively:
Develop self-management and competences


Performance: preparatory and follow-up tasks, active participation

More and more statistics show that students and their studies suffer too much from stress. With a good prevention, it is possible to protect yourself from morbid stress and to master your studies successfully. The most common stress factors in the study of medicine or medicine related subjects are: time pressure, high quantity of content to be learned and test anxiety. With suitable meathods, many triggers can be counteracted. Through critically (self-) reflection on one’s strengths and weaknesses (“What stresses me?”) the course tries to show possible ways to recognize, handle, avoid and prevent individual stress factors (“What can I do about it?”). The course offers to help people to help themselves. In practical exercises learning strategies for studies and exams are presented, assistance is offered for a more efficient time- and self-management, relaxation techniques are addressed, principles how to elaborate specialist literature effectively are established and it is learned how to independently compare the content of lectures with exam materials. The course aims to motivate for studying again. Furthermore, it is the aim to provide students with tools so that they are able to individually develop concepts for success, handling of stress factors of their studies or for exam preparation.


  • Learning strategies (e.g. effective reading of scientific literature, structuring of content)
  • Time- and self-management
  • Exam strategies and simulation

Modular course-week:

The course-week is module-based meaning independent courses like designing of slides with PowerPoint, presenting effectively and scientific writing are offered. The courses are either bookable individually or as a whole (course-week).



Scientific Writing

From the handout for a presentation to a doctoral thesis: During the studies written assignments have to be composed repeatedly. Topics of the course are literature research, collection of material and structure, organisation of the writing process, handling of writer’s block, citation conventions and cooperation with supervisors.
The course is designed as a writing workshop meaning one will intensively work on developing and editing one’s own texts as well as sample texts.